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Fall Programs

Middle School and High School Fall training is complete (Volleykidz/Jrz is still in process).  Check back in January for Spring Training options.

Due to Social Distancing and Capacity rules, no walkins are allowed and there are no waitlists.

Our Fall Programs offer an opportunity for our players of all ages to get focused skill training in order to help them improve their overall play and get them ready for the club season.  Click on each Tab below for a description and registration for each program. All Fall Training Clinics and open gyms are held at CUVC’s WHITEHALL Facility – unless otherwise noted.  All Registration changes need to be emailed to Tara at

The Fall Volleykidz/VolleyJrz 4V4 Train and Play program is the perfect way to introduce younger players to volleyball. We have the equipment and facility that is ideal for younger players. Parents can expect their child to learn volleyball basics as well as general athletic movements. Sessions will include skill training as well as competition with the academy culminating in a tournament.

Who: VolleyKidz 1st-3rd Grade; VolleyJrz 4th-6th Grade

Dates: 9 Week Program beginning on September 10th

Start Date: Sept 10th
End Date: Nov 12
No Training: Saturday, Sept 12th

Time: Thursday 5:15-6:30, Sat 3:30-4:45

Details: Emphasis on mastering all volleyball skills with a 4v4 based competition guaranteed to get each player more touches.

Cost: $250

Register: HERE

The Training Schedule for our CUVC Teams is the following:

College Prep Academy: 18P, 18B, 18O, 17P, 17B, 17O, 16P, 16B, 16O, 15P, 15B, 14P

Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-9:00pm,

Saturday: 11:00-12:45pm

Prep School Academy: 17IT, 17CC, 16IT, 16CC, 15IT, 15CC, 16W, 16G, 15O, 15W, 15G, 15S, 14B, 13P

Monday 7:30-9:15pm,

Saturday: 1:00-2:45pm

Train and Play Academy: 12P, All Semi-National and Regional Teams for 14U, 13U, 12U

Monday 5:30-7:15pm,

Saturday 9:00-10:45am

Our Fall Training Programming for NON CUVC Club Players is complete.  Next Up will be Spring Training - check out the Spring Training Page in February for options and registration!

Boys Fall Training is Complete.


Up to two weeks prior to session starting – 85% refund.  Within 2 week of Session starting –  50% refund.  48 hours of Session start date or after – No refunds will be given.