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Carolina UVC Travel Teams

Click on your team page for rosters, payment schedule and tournament schedules. Team Player contact information can also be found via logging into your League Apps Account.  From your Dashboard – scroll down to My Players Activities and click on team name – players are listed in the column on the right – click on players name for contact info.

Individual Team Pages can be found under the Team Page Tab Above




Here you can find our teams offered, costs, practice info, etc.


Non Regional Tournament Schedules

Advanced Event Systems

Sportwrench (Big South Qualifier)

Tournament Jersey Schedule:

Day one is always NAVY

3 DAY Tournament: Navy, Grey, Orange

2 DAY tournament: Navy, White or Orange (teams can decide)

Carolina Regional Schedule Information:

Playing sites are not posted until about 2 weeks prior to tournament dates.

You can go to www.carolinaregionvb.org  - select "Juniors" on the left - click the "Tournament" drop down at the top - select the date from the drop down list – then select your team age/WEST and scroll through until you see your team's pool.

Inclement Weather Information for Tournaments:

Please note the following inclement weather policies.  Tournament information or changes will be communicated to teams by coaches. Club practice changes will be noted here and via email.

Carolina Region Weather Policy

Online Junior Reffing Clinic Instructions:

REF TRAINING - ALL players and coaches need to do the online training -You can find which courses are required and how to take the course HERE

  • Required Modules are below - The training is housed in your Sports Engine Account (NOT your League Apps account) -Step By Step Instructions can be found HERE:
    • CR23 – 011 USAV JR R1 Training;
    • CR23 – 012 USAV JR R2 Training;
    • CR23 – 013 USAV JR Line Judge Training;
    • CR23 – 014 USAV JR Scorer Training;
    • CR23 – 015 USAV JR Assistant Scorer/Libero Tracker Training.