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Team Store
CUVC's teams stores can be found throughout the year at www.carolinauvcteamstore.com.  There are two types of stores.  The first is a "Team Store," these are specific to CUVC teams and families, and include items that we have to order in bulk that we do not carry all the time; this includes jerseys, warmups, and a few other items that are team specific.  These stores are open for a set period of time, and then close. As a result, these stores typically take 4-5 weeks from ordering to delivery.

Our Gear Store is open 24/7, and has items that we keep in stock almost all the time.  Orders placed from our Gear Store are processed every Monday and shipped every Wednesday.  All orders over $150 include free shipping.

2022-2023 Gear Store is now OPEN!

Uniform Requirements:

All National Teams (18/17/16/15/14/13 Open, 18/17/16/15/14/13 Premier, 18/17/16/15/14 National)

12 Open, 13 SN Lindsay, 14 SN Michelle, 14 SN James, 15 SN Jess, 15 SN Josef, 15 IT Kat 16 IT Dani, 17 IT Andy

12 Alice, 12 Madelyn, 12 Cubs, 13 Blayne, 13 Grace, 13 IT Payton, 14 Lindsey, 14 Sinead, 14 IT Jordan, 14 IT Kelly, 16 IT Kaitlyn, ALL TRAVEL LIGHT TEAMS



We DO NOT work with BSN Sideline Sports any longer so please disregard any team store emails you receive from them.