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Parent/Player Team Info

I accepted an offer on a team – now what do I do?

Below is a list of all the items that need to be done on or before the Mandatory Parent Meetings – please make sure to read this page thoroughly in order for you to be completely prepared at the meeting. Everything you need is on the page including all forms, links for USAV, AAU registrations as well as info on payment plans.

USAV/AAU Membership Links are below:  Both AAU and USAV are required for ALL Players!

USAV Membership:

USAV has partnered with Sports Engine for memberships effective September 1st.  We will send out your membership registration links once we have final teams set.

AlL Membership/Club Acceptance Emails have been sent - Please check your email.  

This is a two step process. 

  1. Step #1: You will receive an email to setup your Sports Engine Account. - the email says "Accept Invitation"  IF you have a SE account then you can skip the process.
  2. Step #2: You will receive a separate email/link with your Membership Process. -this email says "Accept Assignment" - Even though the invite is sent to  the player,  make sure to pick "I am parent"
  3. You will then go through the process of renewing or purchasing your players USAV Membership
  4. The cost of $45 is broken down into 2 fees so you can see who gets what:  USAV's portion is $20 and the Carolina Region's portion is $25
  5. You do NOT need to accept the NSA College Recruiting Offer - Recruiting for National Teams is handled in house.
  6. Any Player on any of our 18's teams (18 Premier, Blue, Orange, Boys or Travel Light) need to complete the Safesport training before December 31st.
  7. Please be patient with this process as it is brand new to the region, our staff/coaches and our players.
  8. HELP for SE Setup/USAV Memberhip issues:
    1. You can email the USAV helpdesk at . Please do not email me directly with issues - they can best assist you.

    2.  Sports Engine Help Page where there are quite a few tidbits/guides, etc. Sports Engine Help Center

    3. SE Help Guide and Directions for creating, fixing, purchasing memberships.

AAU: New and Current Player

Registration/Renewal Link

For Adding Club code if you have already renewed – login to your account, click on Manage Memberships, then click on the pencil in the right hand column, and add the club code of WYAEAC. in the space provided.


Accepting a Spot on a Team

When you accept an offer for a team, you will be sent a registration link (video instructions can be found HERE).  You are required to register to the team and select your Fall Training Academy (Does not apply to TL or Boys), upload your Parent Player Contract Signature Page and pay your deposit online.  This MUST be done prior to the Mandatory Parent meeting. 

For this season - there are a couple of different steps than normal so please read through all the information below.

Non-refundable Deposit.

All Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and MUST be paid Online (no additional processing fee will be charged for deposits).  These funds are used for Tournament entry and other preseason costs.  

Parent Player Contract - Print for your Records

Signature page of PPC - to be uploaded to your players account during registration

The signature page must be uploaded when you pay your deposit online. We only need the signature page – but recommend that you keep a copy of the entire contract  for yourselves.

  1. If you register on a mobile device - you can take a clear picture of the Signature page and upload 
  2. You must submit the whole page with your signature - we cannot accept audio files and/or just a plain signature

Player Parent Meetings:

  1. Team assigned times can be found on the Parent Player Meeting Tab - Players may only come during their assigned time.
  2. Deposits and Contract are due online only this year - this must be done PRIOR to the parent meetings.
  3. All players are required to be sized in order to complete their apparel orders.

2021 Notarized Medical Release - Hard copy required at Parent Meeting

Please bring a hard copy to the Parent Meeting. All Medical Releases are required to be notarized – no matter age or team.  We will try to have notaries on hand but STRONGLY advise you to get it notarized prior to the parent meeting

2021 JVA Release - Hard copy required at Parent Meeting

Many of our tournaments are JVA and therefore this form is required for ALL players.

Copy of Birth Certificate – Hard copy required at Parent Meeting

If you are a returning player –  we will have your Birth Certificate on file and do not require a duplicate.

2021 Letter of Commitment - Instructions for Uploading can be found HERE:

Every Player is required to turn in a Letter of Commitment.  Please be reminded that once this letter is signed, you have committed to play for CUVC only and cannot go to another club without a release from both the club and the Region.

All Players will be required to log into your players account in league apps, click on edit details and upload a copy of the Letter of Commitment.  Commitment Letters signed and dated prior to October 3rd will NOT be accepted.

USAV and AUU Memberships

Both USAV and AAU memberships are required for all players regardless of age or team.  Click on the USAV/AAU membership tab for more information.


All Meetings for all teams are held at the Whitehall Location: These are Mandatory for Parent and Player and are NOT drop in - Players need to come during their assigned meeting time due to Social Distancing Protocols.

Saturday, September 26th
9:00 AM:  18P, 17P, 16P, 18B, 17B
11:00 AM:  18O, 17O, 16O, 15P, 16B
1:00 PM:  15O, 15B, 13P, 14P

Sunday, September 27th
1:00 PM:  16W, 15W, 15G, 15S, 14O, 14W
3:00 PM:  14G, 14S, 13B, 13O, 12P, 14B
5:00 PM:  All 13's, 16's and 17's IT and Concord Teams
7:00 PM:  16G, All 14's, and 15's IT and Concord Teams

Monday, September 28th
6-9pm:  Makeup sizing night - For those who have previous plans that cannot be changed; otherwise, please do your best to come during your team time.

Sunday, October 18th
1:30 PM:  Boys
3:00 PM: Travel Light


College Prep Academy: 18P, 18B, 18O, 17P, 17B, 17O, 16P, 16B, 16O, 15P, 15B, 14P

Tuesday/Thursday 7:00-9:00pm,

Saturday: 11:00-12:45pm


Prep School Academy: 17IT, 17CC, 16IT, 16CC, 15IT, 15CC, 16W, 16G, 15O, 15W, 15G, 15S, 14B, 13P

Monday 7:30-9:15pm,

Saturday: 1:00-2:45pm


Train and Play Academy: 12P, 13B, 13O, 14O, 14W, 14G, 14 IT, (All Semi-National and Regional Teams for 12-14U)

Monday 5:30-7:15pm,

Saturday 9:00-10:45am

Parents – please note the following information in regards to payment.

  1. All invoices are DUE on the 1st of each month
  2. Invoices are dated for the 8th of each month – this is AUTODRAFT day – giving you a grace period to mail or drop off a payment prior to actual autodraft.
    • Drop a check off at the facility on or before the 1st.  It absolutely must be in the box (black mailbox attached to the front desk) no later than by the 5th of each month – the box is checked once a week.
    • Mail a check to our mailing address (NOT THE FACILITY); 8803 Waltham Forest Court, Waxhaw, NC 28173.  I strongly suggest it gets to my house no later than the 5th of the month.  I travel significantly on the weekends with the teams and cannot guarantee it will be posted prior to the autodraft date if received after the 5th.
    • If paying by cash – please use a sealed envelope with players name.
  3. Coaches do not take payments.  Including our Satellite locations.  If you attend Concord or IT please mail your payments or drop them at the main facility.
  4. All Invoices can be seen via your league apps account – you can log in there to see invoices, balance due and to change your credit card information.
  5. TEAM TRAVEL INVOICES:  These are setup 1 week after a trip and payment is expected within 2 weeks of the invoice date. Checks or cash must be received 3-5 days in advance of the DUE date on the invoice as the due date is when Credit cards will charge if you have auto payments selected.
    1. These invoices are True Cost Invoices  – we reduce the overall cost by whatever you paid in your team budget and you pay the difference.  For Example; If your team fee includes $675 for coaches housing and $300 for Travel for a specific tournament – we reduce the hotel bill and the bus bill by those amounts for each team – THEN, we split the costs amongst those who attend.
    2. Players are responsible for Bus Driver and Chaperone Housing
    3. Food costs are split down by team.  We do not pay for players individual meals – we only pay for team meals so the cost is evenly divided by each player and by team.

Every year players are forced to withdrawal from the sport they love because they can no longer participate due to injury, job loss, etc,.  Club fees are non refundable and we realize that this can be difficult in the event of a season ending event, therefore we suggest that families protect their season investment by utilizing a Sports Fee Insurance such as these listed below.

USSCI Sports Fees