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2020-2021 Travel Season Tryout Dates!

Tryout Registration can be found HERE!

Due to Social Distancing Protocols, no spectators or walkins are allowed.  Registration closes at 10pm the night before the first session and will remain closed.  Please check out our Covid Update page for details on our protocols.

Registration is done by Age Division tied to your player's Birthdate.  If your player's birthdate does NOT coincide with their Grade and they want to play with their grade, please register based on the birthdate and then send an email to and request a move into the next age division. 

USAV 2020-2021 Age Chart Can be found HERE!  - The age of your player on June 30th 2021 is the age division you will sign your player up for.

Please be sure to read the Tryout Guide and What to Expect Info at the bottom of the page!

SessionUSAV Age DefinitionTryout LocationDayDateTimeRegistration Link
U17-18 Travel Light Tryouts;
Season will NOT conflict with NC HS Season!
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallSunday10/4/20205:30-8pmRegister Here!
Boys Tryouts
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallSunday10/4/20201-4pmRegister Here!
Mandatory Parent Meetings/SizingMain/WhitehallSundayOctober 18th1:30pm Boys
3:00pm TL
Info is Here!
U12 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2008 Main/WhitehallSaturday 9/12/202012-2pmTryout Complete
U13 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2007Main/WhitehallSaturday9/12/202012-2pmTryout Complete
U14 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2006Main/WhitehallSaturday9/12/20209-11amTryout Complete
U15 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2005Main/WhitehallSunday9/20/20201-3:30pmTryout Complete
U16 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2004Main/WhitehallSunday9/20/20204:30-7pmTryout Complete
U17 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2003Main/WhitehallSaturday9/12/20203-5pmTryout Complete
U18 PlayersPlayers born on or after July 1, 2002 Main/WhitehallSaturday9/12/20203-5pmTryout Complete
OR are currently in High SchoolMain/WhitehallSunday9/13/20201-2:30pm
Indian Trail Tryouts for U17 ONLY
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallMonday9/14/20207-9:30pmTryout Complete
Indian Trail Tryouts
(U13, U14)
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallTuesday9/15/20207-9:30pmTryout Complete
Indian Trail Tryouts
(U15 & U16)
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallWednesday9/23/20207-9:30pmTryout Complete
Concord Tryouts
(all U13-U17's)
See Above Age DefinitionsMain/WhitehallThursday9/24/20207-9:30pmTryout Complete

What to Expect During Tryouts

Every year our feedback has been consistent; namely, that our tryouts are the most exciting and enjoyable environment that the girls experience during the tryout season.  At CUVC, our tryouts are relaxed and fun, because we believe this puts the girls in the best position to perform.  We encourage players and coaches to get to know each other and we want the players to be themselves.  This is not a small thing for us, as we want everyone to feel at home as soon as they step in the door!  Please take some time, and read through our extensive tryout guide below so you can be fully prepared.

2021 Tryout Guide

2020-2021 Travel Season FAQ

October - November Travel Team Training Options

CUVC Fact Sheet! Why we are the top ranked club in the area!

Video:  Why CUVC?


Where Do I Tryout?

For the 2021 Tryouts - all tryouts will be held at our Main/Whitehall Location.  Once practices begin, teams will practice at their Designated Team Location .  If you want to have your player considered for Both Main and for another location, they need to register for each tryout.

Practice Locations:

CUVC Main: 2530 Whitehall Park Dr., STE 450 Charlotte, NC 28273
Teams offered: U12-U18 Girls; U17-U18 Girls, Travel Light; Boys Team(s)

CUVC Concord: 24 Spring St SW, Concord, NC 28025
Tentative Teams offered: 13U-17U Girls (U18 Tentative)

CUVC Indian Trail: 240 Chestnut Pkwy, Indian Trail, NC 28079
Teams Offered: 13U-17U Girls (U18 Tentative)

Registration and Fees:

Registration and payment online is mandatory - we will not accept registration and payment at the door  due to the high number of players moving in and out of the facilities.  The Non Refundable $35 tryout fee covers the cost of the t-shirt as well as court and staff fees.  Registration will be accepted on a first paid, first accepted basis as our sessions fill up.  NO other fees are required -  Please do not register with the region and/or AAU until AFTER you have been invited and have accepted a spot on a team.  Participation in both sessions (where offered) is highly recommended but not required.

Closed Tryouts:

Tryouts can be a very stressful time for both players and parents.  Our tryouts are closed to ALL parents for every age group.  We have found that this helps keep the kids relaxed and focused on the task at hand and not distracted by or looking for feedback from parents.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If at all possible - Please do not walk in your players to help keep social distancing possible.  We also ask that you keep the area around the doors clear at all times.


Please have players checked in at least 15 minutes prior to the session starting. Each player will be provided with a tryout t-shirt.


We have a water fountain - but please be sure to send water/gatorade with your player as they will be constantly moving and will need to take advantage of water breaks.

Age Definitions:

Playing Ages are based on the USAV established Playing Ages. Players should try out for their age group; players will be allowed to try out with their peer group (an age up but with players in their grade) upon request.  Coaches may move players and combine age groups as needed.