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Travel Program Description

We are Charlotte's Elite Training Volleyball Club in part because of the focus of our program which is skill clinics, camps and lessons, travel (club) volleyball, and college placement; and we stick to that philosophy with everything we do. As a result, the only team programs that we offer are travel team programs.  All other programs are geared around skill and position training, as well as developmental programs for our youngest athletes.  Players that walk into our gym know what to expect; the most dedicated and highest quality training staff in the greater Charlotte region that will push each player to maximize his or her potential in this great sport.  We also have the most experienced staff in the greater Charlotte region! With over 40 years of collegiate coaching experience, we know how to prepare our athletes to get to the next level!


Philosophy of Training

From an individual perspective, our training is heavily focused on skill development first and foremost; which then develops into team training.  We want our kids to get lots and lots of touches on the volleyball in a way that allows them to focus on a particular skill (i.e., passing, digging, setting, etc.) or a particular part of the skill (for example, platform angle).  This also allows us to heavily individuate our training so that it is tailored to the individual.  Every player is unique, and as such will have different strengths and abilities.  There’s no cookie cutter approach that will work for every player.  Instead, we stick to developing a few foundational techniques, and allow players to grow and develop from that foundation.