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Insurance Information

Part of competing in physical sports is the assumption of some risk of injury.  While we can’t prevent all injury, fortunately USAV and AAU each provide excess medical coverage for players that are injured during a practice (AAU only) or competition (AAU and USAV).  Below is some helpful information and links for USAV and AAU, as well as a parent description of steps they took for an injury incured at an AAU tournament.

USAV Medical Coverage Description, scroll to last page
AAU Insurance Overview

USAV Forms
Medical Claim Form with instructions
**When an injury occurs, make sure that the trainer or site director or coach fills out an Incident Report Form.

AAU Forms
Accident Claim Procedure and Forms

Parent Testimony from 2014 major injury at AAU Tournament:
1) Contact AAU Claims Office to clarify how to start the process and to get a Sport Accident Claim Form.

2) Complete the form and submit it to NAHGA Claim Services, which is ASU’s insurance provider. They will assign a Case Number that will be referenced each time a request for reimbursement is submitted.

3)Inform all care providers and surgical centers that NAHGA is your secondary insurance (not a 3rd party insurance), so that that bills from care providers can be submitted directly to them as well as to your primary insurance carrier.

4) Keep receipts for ALL out of pocket expenses (prescriptions, pre-surgery costs, medical equipment, co-pays, rehab, MRIs, x-rays, etc.). Submit copies of those receipts along with copies of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance provider for each expense to NAHGA for processing.

5)Keep all original receipts and EOBs for your personal reference.

6)Keep a running total of all out of pocket expenses to-date, and how each expense was paid (cash, check, credit, debit). Match all reimbursements received with the receipts submitted; This is for your personal accounting so you can track what reimbursements you have received, which are pending and which were denied.

It is a worthwhile process, but it is time consuming and requires attention to detail to ensure you receive as much reimbursement as possible.