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Listen to Director John Brannon talk about who/what CUVC is all about - Click HERE!

WHY CUVC? - Why Choose the Top Ranked Club in the Area!

The unifying mission of all the coaches at CUVC is to develop individuals to be passionate about life through volleyball.  We are dedicated to training players at every level of the game. When players understand how to perform the essential skills at a high level the game becomes more enjoyable and becomes a life-long passion. Our training is designed to help every player master each skill in a way that will allow her to constantly grow and develop her abilities. We focus on training muscle memory through repetition, enhancing each player’s Volleyball IQ through specially designed drills and situational instruction, and teaching players to play with a commitment to excellence in everything they do!

While we believe that there is a place for recreation style programs, we are passionate about training each individual. So in all of our programs we focus on players getting a high number of repetitions and quality repetitions when performing or learning a new skill. All training programs do include different competitive and playing opportunities for the girls to employ the skills that they have been working hard to master.

Every year, players from all over the greater Charlotte region, come to our gym to take private lessons or participate in one of our training programs. This includes hundreds of players who play for both our club and other clubs . . . . Whether they play for us in the winter or not, they train HERE! That is why we are considered the top training club in the region!

We will have programs for players as young as five years old. All of our training is specific to age and skill level, and programs are a great deal of fun!