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Where do I find tournament Info?

Now that tournament season is upon us – we are posting a few helpful tidbits on how to find tournament information;

  1. Our Teams Home page has several links on it for the different types of tournaments your team is scheduled to attend
    1. Carolina Regionals – These tournament locations are not posted until about 2 weeks prior to the tournament date and are single day events
    2. Advanced Event Systems – Most Non-Carolina Regional events us this system (K2, Dixie Classic, etc)
    3. Sportswrench – Big South, A5 Events, Boys East Coast Championships use this system for their schedules and results.
  2. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations for each tournament venue.  Not all tournaments allow coolers, chairs, food tables or outside food and beverages and you can find this information on the tournament pages. High Schools, community centers and gyms tend to allow food tables outside and some may allow outside chairs depending on their space and setup.  Convention Centers rarely – if ever – allow outside food, food tables, coolers or chairs.  So know before you go.
  3. Please Clean up after yourself and your team after you leave a court and a venue.  If you pack it in – pack it out.
  4. Be kind and courteous to event staff – they don’t make the rules, they just enforce them.
  5. DO NOT ENGAGE, YELL or COMMENT to any Official or working team. Our club policy is to be kind and respectful and we will not hesitate to have you removed from the event if you cannot control yourselves.  Tournaments can also sanction teams for spectators misbehavior up to and including banning a team from Nationals.
  6. Almost if not all tournaments we attend will charge an entry fee as well as a parking fee.
  7. Housing information can be found HERE.